Verizon store robbed, employees tied up and sprayed with mace

Employees at a Verizon store in Snellville were tied up and sprayed with mace during a robbery. Gwinnett County Police said the thieves got away with 65 phones and tablets adding up to about $30,000.

Investigators said just after 9 a.m. on May 18, two guys strolled into the Verizon store on Centerville Highway. Police released surveillance video showing the two men ushering the employees into a backroom. Investigators said one man started loading phones into a bag when the other man pulled out a can of mace and sprayed the employees. Apparently, that wasn't part of the plan because the two men started arguing.

“At that point the first suspect clearly begins to dispute with the other suspect asking him why he just sprayed them, then that suspect tells the employee to make sure you wash that off your face,” said Cpl. Deon Washington with Gwinnett County Police Department.

In the surveillance video, the man can be seen grabbing paper towels and helping the employees wipe the mace off their faces. Investigators said the men then use duct tape to tie up the employees and leave the store with the phones and tablets.

Police said the men never showed a gun, but are considered dangerous.

“The mace is considered a weapon and the suspects will be facing armed robbery charges when they are caught,” said Cpl. Washington.

The men are described as being in their early 20's. One is about 6 feet tall, the other about 5 feet 7 inches, both have slim builds. Police said they both wore baseball caps and black face paint.