Union responds after dozens of MARTA bus drivers call out sick

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MARTA officials threatening to file a court injunction to end what they call a “sickout” after approximately 80 MARTA called out sick Monday and Tuesday. But Union leaders say they have no reason to believe workers who called out aren’t really sick.

Rufus Silas, Union Rep says, “I don’t personally believe that people would intentionally do anything to harm this city because I would hope that people would want to do their job.”

Union representatives held a news conference Tuesday afternoon to dispute news reports that dozens of bus drivers, who don’t like the salary package MARTA has put on the table, have staged a sickout.

Those representing the drivers say the Union hasn’t authorized any action and continue to negotiate with the transit agency in good faith.

Silas, Union Rep says, “We just want Marta and the riding public to know that we are all on the same team. At the end of the day, we want to provide the best service to this riding public and take care of our employees and we hope that MARTA and ATU can get on with the working relationship we’ve formed over the past years.”

Union reps say the proposal they’ve negotiated with MARTA hasn’t even been presented to its members for a vote for their approval.

MARTA calls any sickouts or strikes illegal.

Rufus Silas, Union Rep says, “You can’t speak for everybody. I do believe our members are loyal they come and do the best job they can do every day in spite of some of the circumstances we are put in.”

MARTA officials say their lawyers are prepared to file an injunction in Fulton County Superior Court on Wednesday.

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