UGA students call on Gov. Deal to veto campus carry bill

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Dozens of protestors gathered at the famed arch at the University of Georgia Wednesday night. They were calling on Governor Nathan Deal to veto the so called campus carry bill.

Among them were representatives from the entertainment industry who said Georgia's blossoming entertainment industry would take a direct hit if he signs the bill. Lisa Mende, best known as the mother of the ugly baby on Seinfeld, urged Governor Deal to veto the bill or suffer a backlash comparable to what happened with the religious liberty bill.

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"Until this bill is repealed like the last one was I think we're going to be losing some business," said Mende.

Organizers of the protest said the University system of Georgia and the majority of Georgians oppose campus carry because they don't believe it would make campuses safer.

"My biggest concern is decrease in safety. It's not going to make the rooms any safer. Even if we had a situation the campus police would be there in minutes and they're opposed to it," said Ivan Ingermann, a UGA Associate Professor in Theater Arts and organizer of the protest.

UGA student Taylor Meetze, who is licensed to carry, showed up with a 9mm pistol at his side. He was the sole supporter of campus carry bill.

"I believe there are nine other states that explicitly legalized campus carry, an additional 20-28 range have the option and we have seen no negative fall back in those states," said Meetze.

Protests have had a long held tradition at the arch just as much as graduation photos. A number of students who were trying to take their graduation pictures said they were pushed aside by the protests.

"I feel like this is a very important moment in my life and I want to this for when i graduate so i feel like its disrespectful," said Taylor Geraghty, a UGA student who was taking her graduation picture with her friends.