Two dozen Cobb County families forced to move due to apartment remediation

Owners who recently purchased the Legacy at West Cobb Apartments originally told residents they had 30 days to move out. But the two dozen families have a little bit more time to get things situated thanks to several local organizations 

It’s hard not to see a number of apartment buildings surrounded by yellow tape along Favor Road. Residents said the owners recently told them they are renovating two buildings, E and J because they are possibly unsafe. That meant residents living in those buildings had to move and had 30 days to vacate, according to their leasing agreements. 

After negotiations, the owners extended it to 45 days. They also discounted rent for residents 50% during those 45 days. But despite the extension, many argue that still just wasn’t enough.

"These families need to be helped. They need to know they are not alone," said resident Journie Thriot.

At least 90 days, at the least. They need to at least do this in a dignified way," said resident and community activist Quantina Scott.

Scott lives in Building E and has been working to get help for herself and the more than 26 families being affected by this. 

"Low-income families shouldn’t be impacted. A lot of these are essential workers. People need to take their foot off their necks. They already had… they were on the frontline working during the pandemic when it was really heavy and now their livelihoods are being uprooted and that’s not fair to them," said Scott.

FOX 5 has learned of new developments as of Thursday late afternoon. Richard Pelligrino who is the field director of the SCLS said his organization along with MUST Ministries and Cobb County Commissioner Monique Sheffield have spent weeks negotiating what they believe is an acceptable plan which includes the management company, Aspen Management paying for moving expenses. MUST Ministries will help pay for one month's rent, security deposit, and application fees for the new place or pay to house people in hotels for the time being. 

The COO of Aspen Management late Thursday afternoon said they found a place nearby for the residents to move. The apartment complex that has become available is Windy Hill apartments which are adjacent to the current apartment complex. Residents will still have to apply, but the admin fees have been waived and application fees will be paid for. 

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