Twins take top honors at Peachtree Ridge High School

Congrats to fraternal twins Alice and Bill Ao of Gwinnett County. Of 808 seniors in the Class of 2020 at Peachtree Ridge High School in Suwanee, they finished 1-2, Alice the valedictorian and Bill the salutatorian.

On the 100 scale that PRHS uses for grade point averages, Alice finished with a 104.8, and Bill with a 103.7.

Personality-wise, the twins are oh so different. According to Bill, Alice is a Type A, and he considers himself a Type B. Alice describes it this way, “Bill was definitely the laid back twin, and I was like the stressed out, perfectionist twin."

Alice has a passion for writing and for getting more girls involved in STEM education, while Bill is passionate about sports and math, but both twins agree that the contrast in personalities and interests has helped shape both of them into the successful students they are. Rather than a sibling rivalry, they truly complement each other.

They are not only twins, but also best friends, and next year will not be together for the first time in their lives… going their separate ways for college. Alice is headed to Yale, a school she describes as “laid back”, where she will major in computer science. Bill is headed to Princeton where he will pursue a degree in either computer science or operations research and financial engineering.

As members of the Class of 2020, they experienced a senior year like none other. While they missed many traditional milestones like prom and graduation, Alice says that it taught her to, “make the most of your time and appreciate the moment when you have it because you might not know when it is ever going to come back again."

Asked what advice they would give to young students, Bill stresses the importance of keeping up your grades and maintaining good relationships with teachers and peers. Alice recommends setting lofty goals. She says you should set goals that may seem “impossible to attain because you never know what you’re going to be able to accomplish if you put your whole heart into it”.

Alice and Bill are living proof.