Tree crashes onto Gwinnett County home, damages home and vehicles

Monday evening's storms rolled through Gwinnett County with such force, winds knocked a 90-foot tree over and it smashed onto a home.  Wesley Robertson, his wife, and their two little girls were inside at the time.  Everyone is okay, but the home has extensive damage. 

A large section of the tree came through the ceiling of his 3-year-old daughter's bedroom. 

"This is where the tree came through, the exterior wall and the ceiling came down, this is where the bed was," said Robertson.

All the rooms on the top floor have damage.  Branches are poking through ceilings.  In the master bathroom, the shower now opens up to the sky. 

The damage isn't confined to the inside of the home.  Robertson's truck and his wife's brand new car have damage. 

The Robertson's won't be able to stay in the home for quite a white, but Wesley says they'll be fine.  He has his kids, his wife, and his life. 

"We got all the girls stuff out, their clothes, my mom lives in the neighborhood so we'll stay with her," said Robertson.