Tornado cleanup continues in Georgia

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Several areas in Georgia continue to clean up after being hit by the same extremely powerful storm which tore through Lee County, Alabama.

It carved a huge path of destruction moving home from foundations and demolishing businesses.

The governor declared a State of Emergency in Talbot and Harris counties because of the destruction there.

It's a miracle everyone survived. That's the phrase heard over and over in Talbotton, Georgia.

"We are just trying to save what we can out of the kitchen, the house cannot be repaired," said resident Gloria Smith.

A home along Highway 41 in Talbotton has been standing since the 1800s, that is until last Sunday. It was just no match for the powerful storm that devoured it.

Talbot County neighbor Gloria Smith has joined the home's caretaker to recover what they can.

"It's sinking in, but all you can do is just look up and say thank you Lord, for the lives that were saved, that's all you can say," said Smith.

Priceless antiques and memories scatter the yard, and logging crews chip away at the maze of fallen trees outside.

Gloria said the work is exhausting, and emotional.

"We've had people come by and pray with us, it's hard, it's real hard," said Smith.

Meanwhile, an army of utility crews worked around the clock to clear roads and restore services. Among them, the Georgia Insurance Commissioner.

"You know, what this is always a reminder, that Mother Nature is always a reminder that all that we think we control, there's an awful lot we don't control, and I just ask for prayers for people in the community and want to thank everybody for the response," said Commissioner Jim Beck.

As Smith and so many of her neighbors continue the daunting task of sifting through scattered lives, she repeats the phrase that so many have come to realize.

"It's a miracle, nobody in Talbotton really got hurt, nobody was killed," Smith said.

There's a renewed sense of urgency here Friday night because rain is once again forecasted to move in this weekend.