Top 4 scams against college students

College is the bridge between living at home and living on your own.  A lot of life lessons happen in between. 

While kids that age feel very grown up, they are still vulnerable enough to be taken now and again.  When they head off to college or out of the house for the first time they are met with roommate, locksmith and scholarship scams not to mention credit card offers that should be avoided.

Top Scams Against College Students

  1. Roommate Scam - Beware of roommate inquiries from people who answer ads from out of the country. They send fake money orders with more cash than required then ask you to send them the change. They win. You lose. 
  2. Employment Ad Scam - These are often mixed in with legit ads. But use caution when a would-be employer asks you to pay for everything up front - training, travel, lodging or food. Don't. They just want to take your money. 
  3. Locksmith Scam - Do your research. Use a truly local locksmith. Get the number of a trusted locksmith now before you need it so that you don't get duped when you are in a jam. 
  4. Scholarship or Grant Scam - There is no such thing as a guaranteed scholarship or grant.  If you need this kind of financial help, look to the federal government's website It's chockfull of information on how to get a grant and how to avoid being scammed. 

Now let's look at legitimate offers and deals that will get a young person in trouble. 

Credit card offers. They will fill that young students inbox and dorm mailbox. Building credit is great, but warn students of the pitfalls of high annual fees, high interest rates and how to keep charging in check. 

ID theft. Your student needs a safe place for his ID, banking info., debit and credit cards. Dorm room doors are often open and free to folks to just wander in. 

Cheating supplies. Yep, there are places to turn to find term papers and test answers online. Be warned. Professors are on to this and have ways of catching it.