Tips for multi-tasking

The madness of multitasking can be overwhelming, it's something we all have to deal with.  Mindfulness and Wellness expert Angela Buttimer has tips to help us.

Q: So Angela, we all have so many demands on us. We’re being pulled in a million different directions. And it’s tempting to multi-task to get it all done, but you have some other information about multi-tasking.

A: Yes, so people try to multi-task both internally and externally. Internally, we’re thinking of a million different things (Too many tabs open so to speak in the brain) and externally, we’re trying to manage multiple tasks behaviorally. If things are really simple, we can do a little multitasking. But what the research shows is that our brains and bodies get really stressed out when we do this. We don’t feel well nor do we function optimally. Productivity and innovation decrease while mistakes and stress increase.

Q: So with so much on our plates these days, what are some things you suggest as an alternative to multitasking?

A: There are some truly effective strategies to help you stop multitasking and better leverage your time, energy and effort.

First is something called single-tasking – focusing on one thing at a time without any distractions….. turn off those distractions so you CAN focus so…turning off notifications and putting your phone away while you are single-tasking. And second – bundle your communication schedule meaning that you return emails and calls at specific times like 9, 12 and 4 rather than doing it all day as they come in, and third, balance your work periods with breaks so for example, work for half an hour then break for 10 (NOT on your technology!!), then work focus again for 30, etc. So these simple changes can add up and have profound results in how you feel and perform throughout your day.

Q: That sounds doable all except the cell phone on breaks.

Angela: LOL. YES, you tend to multi-task even on your phone! Think about it. Taking a brief break from communication for a few minutes, gives your brain a reset.

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