Threatening notes targeting LGBTQ students found on Spelman College campus

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An investigation was launched at Spelman College to find out who has been leaving threatening notes in the dorms. The notes are targeting the LGBTQ community.

Students told FOX 5 News the notes are scribbled on pieces of notebook paper and slipped under doors in the dorms. Students describe the messages as filled with hate.

"The handwriting was really bad, like a second or third grader wrote it. It had a slur for trans people, and another one was saying we don't want you here," said one of the students, I'Reyon Wright.

Another student, Jayla Williams said she was surprised when she heard about the notes on campus.

"We constantly preach against homophobia and transphobia inside and outside the classroom so I was shocked hearing about it," said Williams

College officials said they're investigating who did it. The college president sent an email to the students that read in part: "Spelman abhors your behavior. Spelman will continue to open its arms to embrace all of our Spelman students whatever their gender identity, sexual orientation or gender expression. Spelman is love, justice, and respect. You, the perpetrator, are not Spelman.”

Students are pleased the president is taking the threats seriously and working to find out who's behind the notes.