Thousands of dollars' worth of beads stolen

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Officers in Fayetteville said they are investigating a strange crime. Police said they are searching for a woman who stole thousands of dollars’ worth of crystal beads from a Hobby Lobby store. The beads are especially popular brides for decorating everything from wedding shoes to wedding dresses, crafters said.

Fayetteville police said the Hobby Lobby store surveillance did not yield very clear images of the woman but they said it is clear that it shows her target, from the front door to the jewelry counter, was what is known at Swarovski beads, charms, pendants, and crystals.

Police said a woman stole nearly $3,000 worth of Swarovski products including beads and crystals from a Hobby Lobby counter.

Investigators said it happened in the middle of the afternoon on Monday, July 22 at a Fayetteville Hobby Lobby in the Pavilion Shopping Center.

Police said in surveillance video they have as part of their investigation, the woman is seen marching up to the counter and emptying an entire rack of Swarovski products. Police said store employees did not discover the theft until two days later.

Anyone who recognizes the woman and can help in the investigation should call the Fayetteville Police Department.