Thousands expected to attend Women's March on Charlotte Saturday

All over the country, many plan to march and chant “Women's Rights are Human Rights," in their quest to be taken seriously by the new administration in Washington.

Here in Charlotte, it's no different. About 5,000 people are expected to come to the Women’s March on Charlotte this Saturday.

"This is a time for us as a community to come together and recognize that we are all dealing with issues of being taken seriously, we are all having these difficulties. It's a great time for us to come out and say hey new administration let's work together,” Women’s March on Charlotte Organizer Regina Stone-Grover said.  

The focus of the march is on women's rights but organizers say anyone is welcome to join for support. Members from the LGBT community tell FOX 46 Charlotte they too plan on joining the march.

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"It’s not a protest; this is in support of this community in support of each other. I'm glad that there are a lot of different organizations coming out in support of that we are basically coming together to say corporate America takes us seriously," Stone-Grover said.  

On the Facebook page event, people have been posting signs they plan on carrying through the mile long march. Signs that say: “We will not be silent” and “we are the 51% minority.”

The march will kick off at First Ward Park at 10am. The route will go W. 7th Street and make its way down S. Tryon and end at Romare Bearden Park at noon.

The City of Charlotte says it's not planning on declaring this an extraordinary event, but CMPD tells FOX 46 Charlotte it will be appropriately staffed to maintain a safe environment for everyone.

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"This is an opportunity for us to mend fences and to say even though there are many things we don't agree on vastly with any presidential administration and throughout the history of presidential administrations, this is an opportunity for us to move forward and to look forward and to bring the rest of the world forward," Stone-Grover said.  

Even with rain in the weather forecast, supporters say that won't keep them away from Saturday’s march.