Thieves use stolen Maserati to steal from a pregnant woman

Atlanta Police are on the hunt for a group of thieves who stole a Maserati, then broke into cars stealing Christmas gifts and a pregnant woman's hospital bag.

"It's what criminals do," said APD Investigator James White. "If you leave things in the car, they've hit the jackpot."

For this group of crooks caught on surveillance cameras breaking into cars in Atlanta just before Christmas, police said they started a high-risk crime spree when they stole this white Maserati off of Huff Street on December 23.

"The very next day on December 24, we had two more victims report they had their cars entered into," said White.

When officers checked security footage from the car break-ins, they spotted at least two thieves inside that stolen Maserati behind the smash and grab burglaries.

"They'll break the window and take what's in there, it's a freebie for them," said White.

Shattered glass now litters the parking lot between several restaurants off of Marietta Street where two cars had windows smashed in broad daylight.

"A backpack was taken from one of the victims and some Christmas items were taken from another one of the victims," said White.

That backpack belonged to a woman who is nine months pregnant, and it was filled with clothes for her new baby to wear home from the hospital. The other car had hundreds of dollars in Christmas gifts swiped by these people.

"For all citizens, it's terrible," said White. "You want to be secure in your property."

Police eventually recovered the Maserati, but the burglars are still on the run, and officers don't know how many people they're looking for.

"The person who took it may not be the person who was driving it when the larcenies occurred, so that's something we're looking to prove," said White.

Now APD is asking the community to keep an eye out for these crooks waiting to swipe what you leave behind.

"We take that very serious, and we are doing what we can to get these people off the streets and make sure that people's valuables and their items are secure," said White.

Atlanta Police are working with Crime Stoppers to catch these crooks. If you have any information, you're urged to call APD immediately.