Thieves nearly run down officer and crash in creek after stealing car

Two young car thieves nearly ran over a Dekalb County police officer as they tried to escape from a crime in a stolen car. According to police, the juveniles led officers on a short chase before crashing in a creek in the Embry Hills neighborhood.

"I was scared about them coming in to try and hurt anyone in my family or me," said eight-year-old Hayden Adams, after she heard a noise outside her window in the middle of the night. Officers said that noise she heard was two thieves taking off in her family's car.

"I heard a noise like something dropping to the ground," said the second grader. "I just stood still because I didn't want to go to the window because I was scared, and I didn't want to go get my parents either, so I stayed still, and then a couple seconds later, I heard sirens," she said.

Those sirens were Dekalb County police officers chasing two thieves down their street after stealing Hayden's family's car. The crooks, who were both under 18, sped past officers in the stolen car, nearly hitting one of the officers. Police said they then led officers down a few streets and crashed into a creek.

"We were very shocked," said Hayden's father, Jeremy Adams. "Not expecting to be woken up at 4 a.m. Not expecting it to be the police, and not expecting our car to be stolen and totaled and all that," he said.

Officers arrested the two young people who totaled the family's car and took them to the hospital for treatment. They will now face car theft charges. 

"I do feel a little sorry for the people because they got hurt it seems like, but they shouldn't have done what they did," said Hayden.

Dekalb County police is asking any neighbors who may have surveillance of this incident to give police a call.