Thieves clean out ATM at laundromat, terrorize employees

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Police said three men barged into a laundromat, but they weren't there to clean their clothes, they were there to clean out the ATM. Police said two of the men wore masks and were armed, and held two employees at gunpoint.

Gregory Singletary said his wife, Pamela, had just walked into work at the Tropical Breeze Laundry in southwest Atlanta when someone put a gun to her back. She had walked in on a robbery.

"The night attendant was on the floor, hands above his head with a gun pointed toward him," said Singletary.

Singletary said one crook kept watch over his wife and the night manager, while two others went to the ATM. They used crowbars and hammers, and after about 30 minutes managed to pry it open.

"It appears they got more than $12,000 out of it," said Atlanta Police Officer John Chafee.

Singletary said they grabbed the cash from the ATM, robbed the night manager of about $100 out of his own pocket, and took off. Police said they got away in a gray Ford F150 truck with a "4 x 4" red decal on the back.

Employees are frightened, and Gregory Singletary is praying police catch them.

"I'm angry about you coming out here with no conscience and threatening somebody's life for money that's not even worth it," said Singletary.