Thieves behind bars after foiled Uber escape

Alert officers in Brookhaven are being credited with capturing thieves who tried to flee a crime scene in an Uber.

"In the middle of the night, the Ring camera went off. My husband, he woke up. He found someone was messing with his car," resident Leah Latour told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes

Brookhaven police tell FOX 5 News the thieves who tried to break into Latour's car were the same individuals captured in Ring camera video rummaging through a vehicle in the Brookhaven Heights neighborhood in late January.

They ran off after being spooked by a resident's barking dog.

Detectives tied them to several car break-ins in the Brookhaven Heights neighborhood that night.

"Through the social media applications that we're using now, we were able to identify five total victims in this case where the same individuals entered all five of their cars," said Brookhaven Police Sergeant Jake Kissel.

Officers arrived quickly and set up a perimeter before searching for the males.

They didn't get far. With police hot on their trail the three reportedly split up and called Ubers.

Sgt. Jake Kissel, Brookhaven Police said, "It's interesting the tactics people are using now. When you have officers who are paying attention their Spidey senses start going off."

Alert officers noticed the ride share vehicles in the area and quickly apprehended the suspects.