The search for the owner of a lost letter of love

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It’s a treasure now in the hands of a Cumming mother.

But Cindy Waldrop would like nothing more than to return the picture frame and a mother’s message of love in it to the owner.

“When I first looked it, it kind of reminded me of my mom’s handwriting,” Waldrop said.

Now with each passing hour the mystery grows, who wrote the letter in the stone cut green and yellow frame and who received it.

After buying it for $1.91 at the Goodwill store at Merchants Square in Cumming she pulled it out of for a closer read.

“I do love you from the moment you were born I have adored you,” said Waldrop as she quoted the letter.

The handwritten letter is dated August 1998. It’s from mother telling her only daughter how proud she is of her.

“My world would be dark without your shining light you are a child of God,” was another quote Waldrop read.

Waldrop said she bought the framed message of love fully intending to return it to its rightful owner.

“If it had been from my mother that I would love to have it back and I just want to whoever it belongs to go back,” said Waldrop.

She asked us FOX 5 News not show the name of the woman who it was written to, so the rightful owner would step forward if she can be found or wants to be found.

“If there’s something bad that happened between her and her mom this a reminder of how much her mom loved her and she tells her that in the letter,” said Waldrop.

She drives a special needs school bus in Forsyth County, has a couple of stepdaughters, older daughters, and ten grandchildren.

Waldrop’s own mother passed away a few years ago, only magnifying the framed message.

“Its mothers love to her daughter,” said Waldrop.

Waldrop wipes away tears as she was talking about the message, quoting what could be an eternal message from loving mothers everywhere.

“I’ll always love you forever, love mother,” said Waldrop as she quoted the letter.

Anyone who’d like to help can reach George Franco at his Facebook page at

A representative Goodwill told FOX 5 News they would help if they could.