Texas evacuee coordinating rescues from Peachtree City

Some rescues in Texas are being coordinated by a couple here in Georgia. Matt and Michelle Furhman are Hurricane Harvey evacuees, but they're not just waiting out the flooding. They are using social media to help coordinate rescues.

The Furhmans are here in metro Atlanta helping to save lives 800 miles away. They are using social media to connect boat owners with people in danger.

"He was on the phone with people in their house and he would tell them to put a white towel outside their door so that people could see there was someone there who needed to be rescued," Michelle said.

Like Shannon and Kim Taylor from Katy, Texas who snapped a picture of them and their two children on their way to safety.

A video the Taylors posted on Facebook shows the flood water above the window sills in their home.  Matt Furhman works in the maritime industry in Houston and the couple has connected boat owners with those in need like the Taylor family.

"When the pictures started coming in of people being saved, that's when it became real," Matt said.

The Furhmans have four children. Last week Matt was on a church retreat in Denver. Michelle woke up on Friday morning at 4 a.m. before the storm hit. A voice told her "Go!" and she listened.

A picture as they started their 14-hour drive to her parent's house in Peachtree City.

"People were saying, Michelle, you're crazy, you're over-reacting.  Stay here and we will have a hurricane watching party.  But I just had this gut feeling we need to go. It's really hard to drive 14 hours with 4 kids alone," Michelle said.

Now, Matt and Michelle are doing everything they can for the friends and even complete strangers who stayed behind.