10-year-old empowering young girls through dolls

Two dolls and a 10-year-old girl are on a mission to empower young black girls everywhere. Zoe Oli is the CEO of Beautiful Curly Me. Zoe started the company when she was just a little girl.

"When I was 6 years old I really did not like my hair. I wish it was straight like my classmates," said Zoe.

"I was taken aback I didn't know what to do. My job as a mom is to empower her and to help her feel comfortable and confident in the skin that she's in and to love herself," said Zoe's mom, Evana.

Zoe's mom bought her a black doll, but it wasn't quite right.

"The doll had the same skin tone, but it had silky straight hair," said Evana.

When they couldn't find one, Zoe decided they could make their own.

"She said mommy I want to make dolls, I want to make a doll with curls, I want to make a doll with braids," said Evana.

That's how Beautiful Curly Me was launched.

The first two dolls were named Aneka and Layla.

"Layla is our resident fro queen and Aneka has braids, and both of their names mean beautiful," said Zoe.

They also have sleep caps, hair care products, apparel, affirmation puzzles, and Zoe has even written a couple of books.

From packing orders to talking to vendors and setting up strategy sessions, Zoe is involved in every aspect of the business.

"She's designing graphics, she does a lot of lives on social media," said Evana.

The Oli's don't want anyone to be left out. They have a "gift a doll" program.  Anyone can buy a doll and donate it to a girl in need.  Zoe and her mom then deliver them to various organizations.

With every delivery, Beautiful Curly Me is changing attitudes and changing lives.

"It might just look like a doll or a book, but we're really just building those blocks of confidence in our young girls," said Evana.

As for Zoe and what she thinks of her hair now… "I love my hair I absolutely love my curls and I really want other girls to feel that way," said Zoe. 

To learn more about Beautiful Curly Me dolls and Oil's challenge, visit its website.