Teen forces young girls to send nude photos

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Police said the list keeps growing as more girls come forward accusing a now former Newnan High School student of forcing them to send explicit photos.

"We had 17 victims, but today I had four more come forward and I believe that list will continue to grow," Newnan Police Sergeant Jim Beneke said.

Geovanni Adamson, 17, is facing 24 charges that include child computer pornography and child exploitation.

"The youngest girl so far has been a 12-year-old and the oldest is 17," Beneke said. "We've even had someone from Savannah come forward."

Police said Adamson used scare tactics to get the young girls to comply.

"He would reach out to them on social media like Instagram and Snapchat and tell them he had nude photos of them and if they didn't send him more he would share them online," Beneke said. "He would threaten their lives and their family's lives."

Police said Adamson knew many of his victims through his time at Newnan High School.

"Since these allegations have come forward, he has been suspended," Beneke said.

Police said Adamson had sophisticated ways to get his victims to oblige.

"He had Photoshop and took photos of them, altered them to make it appear like it was a nude photo," Beneke said. "Then he would send it back to them and request more or else."

Police said many of the victims blocked Adamson, but others were so scared they went ahead and sent photos.

"It's a sad situation and one I take very seriously," Beneke said.

One of the victims came forward to a school resource officers. Police said that didn’t stop Adamson from still trying to exploit his victims.

"Even the morning that he was arrested, he knew he was under investigation and he still tried to get photos from girls," Beneke said.

Adamson was booked into the Coweta County Jail. He was scheduled to have a preliminary hearing Friday.