Tax assessment too high? How to easily appeal it

Homeowners are fuming over their property tax assessment notice. Many are seeing a huge spike over last year and are trying to contest it.

The Cobb County Tax Assessors office is seeing more people appeal the assessment this year.

"More phone calls, visits to the office, visits to our website, it's something we're seeing statewide," said Cobb County's Chief Appraiser Stephen White.

White says it's not just Cobb County or even metro Atlanta.

"All counties are seeing more activity based on the real estate market very aggressive," said White.

"It was a shock for sure. The market has changed so much, the value has increased so much," said Lori Thompson, a Cobb County homeowner.

Thompson is one of many who decided to appeal her assessment. She says the whole process was very simple. 

"Put your phone number in, you ID number and explain why you're doing it and that was it," said Thompson.

White says she and everyone else definitely have a chance of seeing a change in the amount they owe.

"Every year we see about 50% of those who appeal see a change in value, of those, the vast majority are taxpayers who supplied additional information on why they feel the value is not appropriate," said White.

While you may not like it, tax assessors say it's not them. It's based on what homes were selling for in 2022. White says that's something to consider when deciding if you want to appeal.

"You have to take a look at the number we put on your property and ask yourself could I have sold my home for that amount in 2022?" said White.

Cobb County has a tutorial on their website that walks you through the process, just do it before the deadline. The date for the deadline can be found in the top right-hand corner of the assessment notice.