SUV smashes into Metro PCS store

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Atlanta police are searching for a hit and run driver who they said left several people injured after he drove into a building in Atlanta's West End area.

The Atlanta Police Department said the driver left the scene after crashing his BMW X-6 SUV into the Metro PCS store on Oak Street Saturday night.

WATCH: An Atlanta store picks up the piece after an SUV slams into it

Monday afternoon work crews were busy repairing the plate glass doors at the store.

One of the employees described what she saw, pointing to a display stand.

“This thing is supposed to be bolted to the ground. So he pushed this all the way to the back pole that's how he was able to like squish the pregnant girl and all that back there,” she said.

Officer Stephanie Brown said APD investigators are trying to piece together the details of the incident.

“Three people were treated on scene and two were transported to the hospital," said Officer Brown.

A woman who didn’t want to go on camera told FOX 5 News her pregnant daughter was injured as well as other family members.

She said doctors are monitoring her daughter's unborn child but on advice of her attorney wasn't discussing further details.

Police said they are reviewing surveillance video which hasn’t yet been released to try to understand why the hit and run driver of the BMW left after the crash.

“It reversed after crashing into the building and hit another vehicle. It fled after that,” said Officer Brown.

Police are asking anyone who may have information on this hit and run to give them a call.

APD said the driver identified by witnesses as a male is in legal hot water.

“At this point damage to property, leaving the scene of an accident as long as we catch the suspect he'll be charged accordingly,” said Officer Brown.

A regular shopper in the area said she hopes the people involved quickly recover.

“I just hope all is well with all of the families and I'll be praying for all of them,” said Monique Robinson.

Police said they do not have a license plate number for the BMW SUV involved in the hit and run.

They ask anyone with information to contact their office.

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