Suspicious man approaches teen at bus stop

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Riverdale Police said a 13-year-old girl told investigators a suspicious man approached her at the bus stop. The girl said the man told her to get in the car, but instead she ran home to her grandmother and they called the police.

“I was like ‘No!’ And then he was like ‘Come on, get in the car.’ And I said, ‘No!’ And then he said ‘Where are you going? I can take you.’ I said, said, he was like ‘I will be back in a second’” said Kaylynn Johnson.

Johnson said it was enough to send her running back home. Her grandmother, Willie Mae Lee was sitting on the couch when Johnson came flying in the house. Willie Mae said Johnson was clearly scared.

"She was… it was like ‘This... this man there told me to get in the car.’ And she was telling me what he said to her and everything. And then I really got nervous," said Lee.

They called Riverdale Police who were less than a mile away. Johnson gave officers a description of the man.

"It was a beige car and it didn't have a license [plate]. He was a black guy. He had gold teeth, they were kind of crooked and he was wearing a hat I don't remember the color," said Johnson.

This is the second time something like this has happened to Johnson. The first time she was just six years old.

“The first time it happened to her she was younger, so, I don’t think it really clicked, but now I think it has clicked,” said Lee.

For Johnson, she said she has no plans to return to the bus stop

"I was kind of scared because this man that I was going to be at the bus stop this morning. He knew what time I come to the bus stop," said Johnson.

Riverdale Police said all of their officers have been given a description of this man, as well as the vehicle.