'Suspicious' cyber incident brings down Henry County computers

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Henry County officials are trying to determine what caused a suspicious cyber Incident that has left all computers in the county down.

Henry County Manager Cheri Hobson Matthews conducted an emergency meeting with department heads to instruct them on how to handle the problem late Wednesday morning.

"Our technician noticed a suspicious cyber situation about 4 a.m. this morning and voluntarily took our computer system offline to determine what is going," Public Information Director Melissa Robinson remarked. 

"Go back to paper, where you can," Deputy County Manager Brad Johnson told judges and department heads during the emergency meeting. 

The cyber incident has affected 1700 county employees.

Tech Support is testing a backup system now and a plan is being developed that should go out to employees later this afternoon.

The property tax office is closed and courthouse records can not be accessed, but the Public Information director says the Public Safety Department has not been affected. 

Vehicle registration is also running because it operates under a state system.