Surveillance camera captures thieves burglarizing home

Burglars were caught in the act, stealing hundreds of dollars in high-end tennis shoes from a DeKalb County family.

The daylight burglary happened at the Oak Creek Apartments on Northern Avenue around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The canary Video shows four men kicking in the door, wandering around the apartment, and stealing several pair of Michael Jordan tennis shoes. Fortunately, no one was home, but the resident, John Jackson, feels extremely violated.

"It just really hurts. Makes you upset. You work so hard to get some nice things and jerks come in and take your stuff,” Jackson said.

"If I had been at home it would have been bad for everybody involved,” a confident Jackson said adding he has a lot of weapons to defend himself and his property.

He said normally, his wife would have been at home all alone at 2:30 in the afternoon and things could have turned out much differently.

"Hopefully, police can catch them and stop them. They could have done this while my wife was at home or possibly trying to do it to someone tomorrow and it can turn out bad," the DeKalb business owner revealed.

Jackson said he is grateful his camera captured the thieves in the act. He hopes someone will recognize them and give DeKalb County police a call.