Stray golf balls a serious hazard near Candler Park, residents say

A swimmer being struck and injured by a golf shot has prompted a safety review at the Candler Park Golf Course.

The swimmer, who was in the pool with her family, felt pain for a week, according to Christina Hodgen, the president of the Candler Park Neighborhood Association.

It is the most serious but not the only incident. On one street, located right by the course, another resident was struck when a golfer’s shot traveled offline.

"The neighbors on Terrace warn their guests not to park on the street, or to park down the street because the cars could be damaged," said Hodgen. "It’s not a big risk, but it is a risk."

The neighbors asked for and recently held a meeting with their councilman.

The Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation has been asked to conduct a safety audit.

"We may need netting," Hodgen said. "It happens enough that we need to do something."