Stone Mountain Park suspends 'Ride the Ducks' service

Officials at Stone Mountain Park announced Friday they are suspending their Ride the Ducks service following a deadly accident involving the same company in Branson, Missouri.

Stone Mountain released the following statement Friday:

Officials said 17 people were killed Thursday when a duck boat packed with tourists, capsized and sank in high winds due to a nearby thunderstorm. Officials said nine of those victims were part of the same family and only two members of the family survived. A total of 29 passengers were on-board at the time. State, local, and federal officials are all investigating.

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In addition to the locations in Georgia and Missouri, Ripley Entertainment operates similar tours in Guam. The vehicles are based on a WWII amphibious vehicle but have integrated new marine designs with upgraded safety equipment including personal floatation devices for all passengers. Each operator holds a commercial driver’s license and is certified by the Coast Guard.