State opens voting irregularity investigation into Atlanta's mayoral runoff

Georgia’s Secretary of State's Office confirms it has opened an investigation into allegations of voting irregularities in the Atlanta mayoral runoff.

The Secretary of State has yet to provide details but FOX 5 News has learned about two of the complaints made about the handling of the 2017 election contest for Atlanta mayor. Two individuals provided information about two separate incidents. But both of those incidents involve ballots, believed to be absentee ballots.

The Secretary confirmed he is looking at the election which was so tight the outcome decided by a little more than 800 votes. Keisha Lance Bottom got the victory.

Mary Norwood asked for and received a recount but the result did not change.

Now, six months after the election, authorities were told by one City Hall worker that she was ordered by a supervisor to copy on a copy machine absentee ballots. She claims she was told to take some 500 of those ballots and turn them over to an unidentified woman who received them on a downtown street

Another person brought a different claim to the state elections chief. The whistleblower said a Fulton County Elections worker had a box of absentee ballots in a car and was driving around with the box. When the Fulton County Elections office was asked about the specific complaint regarding a worker, a spokesperson said no information is available.

A spokesperson for the Secretary's office said investigators plan to obtain voting records to conduct a forensic analysis of the hotly contested race.

A spokesperson said Mayor Bottoms knows nothing about the allegations but is confident the state secretary will get to the bottom of the complaints.

This is the third investigation involving Atlanta City Hall, following the FBI bribery investigation, and a GBI investigation of allegations of violations of the open records act.