State Law Enforcement Official Finds No Cheating by APD Recruits

A top law enforcement official tells FOX 5 News he did not find cheating as alleged by 15 police cadets at the training academy in Atlanta. Ken Vance says he will tell the board of the Police Officers Standards and Training council about his findings in an upcoming meeting this month.

The director's finding can clear the way for the 15 to continue their efforts to earn a badge.

Earlier, FOX 5 News detailed the allegations. The controversy stemmed from an apparent miscommunication about the method the recruits could use to complete a written assignment. That assignment was supposed to be put together from face to face interviews. But some of the cadets used technology, such as emails and texts.

Vance met with all the dismissed recruits and found their explanations to be credible. He calls it a miscommunication.

He also said he discussed the controversy in a meeting with Chief George Turner. Still to come, the POST board will meet to ratify the findings.