Spalding County student charged in child pornography case

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A Spalding County high school student is facing charges in connection to a child pornography video.

"I think in some cases the young people could think it's a prank or a practical joke or that it's within certain bounds, but in every case that you are filming somebody especially nude or filming somebody where they have an expectation of privacy you are going to be violating the law," said Chief Deputy Tony Thomason, Spalding County Sheriff's Office.

Officials told FOX 5 News Rasheed Reid is being charged after a pornographic video of a 15-year-old student was shared with others.

Griffin Spalding County School officials say the video was recorded by another student during school hours and then was shared multiple times.

"Our investigator found what they do believe to be child pornography.  It appears that a student who is 17 years old filmed another student in the restroom. The other student was unaware they were being filmed," said Chief Deputy Thomason.

The school is now asking parents to check their child's cellphone for the video.

"We are not asking you to turn your child in. Inspect the phone, search it, and if you find this video or any other pornographic content, delete it. Delete it from the cloud and empty the trash. We realize that the video may still be on the phone, we, just as you, know that it is never completely gone." the school system said on Facebook.

The situation remains under investigation.