Smash and Grab at Sam's Club

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The front entrance of the Sam's Club in McDonough was covered with plywood Monday.

Thieves rammed through the front doors with a pickup. Surveillance video shows four people jumping out of the truck and running into the store. Seconds later they're seen walking out with large, flat screen TVs.

It happened 1 a.m. Monday. The store was closed, but there were employees working inside.

“Of course they heard a tremendous crash in the front of the store, they all ran to the back and one of them called 911,” said Capt. Joey Smith with Henry County Police.

After loading up the truck video shows them running back into the store and grabbing more televisions. In their attempt to make a speedy getaway, police say one of the televisions fell of the truck. Police found it in the parking lot.

Marie and Frank Horton just bought a TV from Sam's Club Monday evening. That's when they found out thieves have several televisions from the same store, but they didn't pay a penny for them.

“Crashing through windows and stealing stuff, they have no respect for personal property, no respect. I've been in law enforcement all my life and I have no use for a thief, said Mr. Horton.

Henry County Police hope someone knows something about this theft and the people involved and will contact them.