Slow response to police efforts to tie in-home cameras, police union says

Police in Atlanta asked citizens to help them fight crime.

A citizen can authorize the city to take a look at footage captured by a homeowner or a business. 

The response has been slow, says Greg McNiff with the Atlanta Police Foundation. 


Just over two thousand individuals have signed up since the program started in 2021.

Authorities say the cooperation could be invaluable given the advancements in technology that will allow an officer to get pictures fed to a patrol car and potentially begin an apprehension in a matter of minutes.

Some citizens say they are concerned about privacy. But authorities say that need not be a concerned. 

There are two ways an individual can participate. It is the homeowner's choice to determine how much sharing will be allowed.

And when FOX 5 asked others about it, they said they did not know the program existed. 

McNiff acknowledged the city will have to implement a marketing program to boost participation.