Sliders hit same Clayton County gas station multiple times

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They are in and out in less than 30 seconds. That’s how long a woman said it took for a crew of sliders to take her purse when she stopped to fill up at a Clayton County gas station. Those crooks appear to have targeted that same exact gas station more than a dozen times in the last three months.

Stacy McCall said she has heard the stories of "sliders" and is always careful to protect herself and her belongings, always locking her door, but she said this crew was just too practiced and too fast.

"Literally, it was a split-second," McCall said.

McCall said she had just gotten out of the car to fill up her gas tank Sunday afternoon when she noticed a car pull a little too close.

"I was just flabbergasted that there was a gentleman standing there with my purse and trying to get back in another car," she said.

McCall said she tried to stop the man, but changed her mind when the driver of the getaway car started to take off.

"When they started driving off, 'cause he pulled off and I had to think, you know, 'Do I hold onto this doorknob or door handle and get pulled and dragged or...’ And that's when I knew I had to let the purse go," she said.

According to a Clayton County police report, it all happened at this QuikTrip on Riverdale Road near Interstate 285. And this isn't the first time. Records show there have been 14 "slider" crimes at this gas station in just the last three months.

McCall said it's time for police and the gas station to step up their security efforts to put a stop to these types of crimes. But until they do, she warns others to be cautious.

"I am grateful for the fact that I am safe and it was only items that were taken and that my life wasn't," she said.

QT issued a statement about the slider crimes reading in part:

“Unfortunately in today's society, criminals always find opportunities to commit crimes, it is a shame but everyone needs to lock their car, and hide any valuables from clear sight.

“We have outstanding video surveillance at all of our locations, including the capabilities at our pumps. In addition, many of our stores employ security companies to assist us.”

Clayton County Police have not identified any suspects in this weekend's crime.