Sketch released of suspect in Clarkston home invasion

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Twenty-four hours before a burglar surprised and beat two Clarkston female residents, the same man came into the carport of another homeowner whose home video shows the man idly drinking and relaxing, according to police.

The casual demeanor captured on the video changed dramatically when the two neighbors, one at a time, came home to find the man inside.

He beat both of them before running away from the property on foot, according to police.

Earlier, the apparent drifter had been turned away after asking if he might be hired to do yard work.

He waited until the women left later in the morning to gain entry.

Police, last Friday evening, patrolled with K-9s hunting for the man. His whereabouts remained unknown Wednesday.

Investigators also released sketches, including one showing a baseball style cap with letters A-T-L. That cap was among the items taken from the house.