Sisters team up to fight off attacker in Chastain Park

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Atlanta police said two sisters fought off a man during a late night attack at Chastain Park. 

Investigators said the sisters, ages 18 and 21, had finished running around the park just before 10 p.m. Wednesday and were headed back to their vehicle when a man approached them.

The suspect, identified as Silvestre Diaz-Duque, never said a word, according to police, and proceeded to punch one of the sisters in the face. He then attempted to grab the other sister, who fell to the ground. She told investigators she kicked the suspect and bit him when he put his hand over her mouth. That’s when the suspect punched her.

Police said the sister who was first attacked, and also punched, was able to run for help. The suspect ran away and headed south.

Police found a man, Diaz-Duque, who matched the description walking down Tuxedo Road, about two miles away. One of the siblings identified him as the attacker.

Diaz-Duque was taken into custody. He told police that he had met the sisters and asked them for a ride back to his vehicle on Roswell Road. The suspect said as they were walking toward his car, he decided to put his arm around one of the women and she “began to freak out.” As a result, he told police he punched her in the face. She then bit his hand and fell to the ground.

The suspect told police the other sister started “freaking out,” so he punched her in the face as well.

According to investigators, the suspect said the first sister he punched wouldn’t stop screaming, so he put his hand over her face. She bit him again and that’s when he said he got scared and ran away.

Diaz-Duque has been charged with two counts of battery. He’s behind bars at the Fulton County Jail.