Sheriff: Man attempted to molest Georgia teenage boy he met through Fortnite

Deputies in Hall County have arrested a Pennsylvania man who allegedly traveled to Georgia to meet a teenage boy who he'd had sexual conversations with while playing Fortnite.

The Hall County Sheriff have charged 29-year-old Erie, Pennsylvania resident Gregory Mancini after an investigation beginning on Oct. 23.

Officials say the investigation started after the 13-year-old victim's mother contacted them. According to reports, Mancini and the teenager had been playing Fortnite and talking over an Xbox headset for several weeks. Eventually, that led to video chatting, and police say Mancini turned the conversation toward sexual subjects. 

"As the contact continued, the man said that he planned to travel to metro Atlanta and wanted to meet with the boy," the Hall County Sheriff said.

The boy told his mother, who contacted police. Deputies then assumed the boys' identity and contacted the suspect, who told police he was in the area and wished to meet the boy.

Eventually, undercover officers convinced Mancini to meet at an undisclosed location, after confirming he was the suspect, police arrested him, officials said.

Mancini is charged with criminal attempt to commit child molestation and obscene Internet contact with the child.