'Sexually dangerous predator' arrested in DeKalb County

A man declared to be a "sexually dangerous predator" is back behind bars in DeKalb County.

Officers with the DeKalb County Police Department arrested 55-year-old Robert Kenzie Friday after they say a warrant went out for his arrest for a probation violation.

Officials have not yet given any details on what the violation was that led to the arrest.

Police say that McKenzie has been arrested numerous times in the past few years. Incident reports show McKenzie accused of harassing women, acting in a violent manner by swinging sticks at cars, and showing an aggressive manner toward women.

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In 2017, McKenzie faced charges of aggravated battery in Clarkston after he was accused of throwing a jacket at a cyclist, causing the cyclist to fall and be injured.

Georgia's sex offender website states that McKenzie is a 'sexually dangerous predator' after he was convicted of "taking indecent liberties with a child" in Virginia.