Service dog helps police catch would-be thief

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An 11-month old Pitbull named Zoey is being hailed a hero.  Zoey's owner says the pup helped police catch a thief. 

Joey Guindazola says he was walking to his car in the parking deck of his Buckhead Apartment complex when he saw two suspicious men that appeared to be breaking into cars. "We were about to get in the car when two guys bounced up out of nowhere.  They were wearing gloves and had backpacks," said Guindazola. 

Guindazola says he questioned the teens and they threatened him.  "He said he had a gun and was going to shoot us, so I called my dog.  I told Zoey to 'watch him' and she started barking," said Guindazola. 

The bark was fierce enough to send the teens scrambling.  Guindazola says one ran down the stairs and took off, the other jumped on top of a car. "He put his hands up in the air and waited there until the cops came," said Guindazola. 

When Atlanta Police arrived, the man was still on top of the car along with his backpack.  Police say the backpack was filled with stolen items.  The teen was arrested and charged with Prowling and Theft by Receiving. Zoey's owner says authorities told him the items in the backpack were stolen from a car at another location, and thanks to Zoey the owners now have their things back. 

Zoey isn't a guard dog, she's actually a service dog.  Her owner says she wouldn't hurt a fly, but the teens didn't know that. Zoey got a treat, playtime with her favorite toy and a whole lot of praise. "She prevented something from happening, another car break-in or someone getting robbed, so I’m very fortunate to have her," said Guindazola.