Search for man accused of stealing beer

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Atlanta police are searching for a man recorded leaving a gas station with more than a dozen cases of beer.

The owner of a Texaco on Moreland Avenue SE says the guy managed to slip away undetected because he was also the beer deliveryman working for a trusted vendor.

Ameer Ali Musani says 13 cases of Schlitz beer and several cases of Modelo beer were stolen Friday afternoon. He has shared surveillance video with Atlanta police of a man wearing a baseball cap with a big "C" on it removing the cases of beer from his freezer.

Police are calling this a case of larceny. Musani says it involved trickery as well.

"He put on the beer, Arizona tea so my cashier didn't know what he's taking," said Musani.

He said the man, a deliveryman for a trusted vendor, came to the store with a delivery of Arizona tea and other beverages a few minutes earlier. But the clerk at Musani's store declined the delivery because it was a few hours late and at their busiest time. By the time the store realized the beer was gone, the delivery truck was gone and the driver too.

FOX 5 News reached out to the vendor involved but never got a call back. But apparently the business did reach back to Musani.

"The company tell me they will give me my beer back what he was stealing from me. They will bring my beer back," said Musani.

He said an important trust was broken when his beer was wheeled away.

Musani told FOX 5 News that's why he decided to speak publicly after nearly four decades in business.

"This is the first time with me. That's why I'm making this issue here, so nobody can get in this trouble," said Musani.

He said he suspects the beer would be sold at cut rates on the black market.