Search for killer in front of convenience store

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Thursday evening, DeKalb County homicide detectives returned to the scene of a fatal shooting that happened in front of a convenience store on Memorial Drive near Stone Mountain Freeway.

They want folks in the area to get a look at photos of a man accused of shooting 54-year-old Timothy Newhouse Sunday night.

"Whoever did it needs to turn themselves in. I feel strongly about that--for the family and for this community," said Deborah McCurtis, a frequent customer of the small convenience store. "It's important for the family to have that sense of peace," she told FOX 5's Portia Bruner.

The convenience store owner, who gave FOX 5 surveillance video from the February 3 shooting, asked to remain anonymous, but he told Bruner the murder suspect was in and out of his store for nearly 45 minutes before the shots were fired at 9:56 p.m.

The store owner said the shooting victim had a long conversation with the man captured on camera firing the shots but said they never appeared to be arguing.

Security cameras show suspected gunman cover his head and pace around for a bit before walking out of the store and firing the deadly shots.

“My brother was killed 10 years ago and I know what this family is going through. I just hope someone will do the right thing. Maybe they won't because they're afraid, but I just hope they do the right thing,” said McCurtis and she stood a few yards from the spot where a new house was fatally shot three times.