Search for driver in deadly hit-and-run

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Police are searching for a driver after a deadly hit and run Monday morning. 

It happened at the intersection of Mount Zion Road and Jonesboro Road in Morrow. 

Authorities told FOX 5 News a 28-year-old male was struck and killed in the crosswalk. 

Several law enforcement agencies responded to the scene, including the Clayton County Sheriff's Office, the Morrow Police Department, and the Georgia State Patrol. 

Police are now searching for an older model, red Ford pickup with a male driver. 

Morrow’s police chief says there’s no question that the driver knew what happened.  

“This person got out of the truck, looked at the victim, got back in the truck and drove away," Chief James Callaway. 

Georgia State Patrol investigators reconstructed the deadly impact and prepared to tell the victim’s family of their terrible loss. Investigators said it’s not too late to do “the decent thing:”

“If you’re seeing this, please turn yourself in. This is going to be weighing heavily on you today.   Just come talk to us,” Callaway added.