Search for burglars behind string of break-ins

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Police departments across Atlanta are on the lookout for a gang of dangerous burglars who have been breaking into convenience stores and businesses. What makes them different and so dangerous is that they are carrying guns.

Authorities say the same masked men seen in surveillance video provided to FOX 5 News might be the same group of burglars who shot at police in Kennesaw recently.

In the store surveillance video, the first guy breaking in is seen carrying a gun.

Police say that is not the behavior of the typical commercial burglar and that’s why these guys are so dangerous.

This burglary happened last Sunday morning at a Marathon gas station at the Sharpsburg McCollum exit on Interstate 85 in Coweta County.

Investigators say the men busted in with crowbars and sledgehammers. In this case, the men could not break into the safe and so the video shows them contented by stealing energy drinks and other things off the shelf.  But unfortunately, police say they have been more successful elsewhere.