SCAD grad makes TV magic for 'The Resident'

Not to ruin any of the TV magic here, but Matt Czuchry and Malcolm-Jamal Warner aren’t really doctors.  But every week on the FOX hit “The Resident,” it’s their job to make us believe they are.  And in the same way, it’s Dustin Berry’s job to make us believe they’re working in a real medical facility.

"We built an entire hospital that spans four sound stages, and when you walk in there, you think you are in a real hospital," Berry says.

Berry is a set buyer for “The Resident” – which essentially means he’s a professional shopper for the show.  "My particular job is going and finding all the elements – down from the rugs, the lighting, all the small accessories – to make the audience feel like they're watching a real, live environment," he explains.
Berry says being a set buyer is something he never ever dreamed was possible.  But after studying film and television at SCAD, his career path shifted into focus.

"I got on my first production, which was a little Disney movie filming in Savannah, and I got on the art department as a PA, and I was like, ‘Wow, I really love this creative vibe that's happening.’  So I worked on a couple of shows in that department, and then went back to grad school for Interior Design to sort of meld those together for set decoration."

Along with “The Resident,” Berry has worked on projects including “The Haunting of Hill House” and Godzilla: King of the Monsters.  Every one, he says, is a new challenge…and a new thrill.

“It is fun to see your work on-screen. And millions of other people get to see it, too."