Sandy Springs private clinic joins front lines of battle against COVID-19

Many public healthcare labs are facing challenges meeting the demands of COVID-19 testing. So, private agencies are helping to fill the gap.    

Capstone Healthcare in Sandy Springs is a highly complex diagnostic laboratory that provides genetic, toxicology, and molecular pathogen testing, but during the global pandemic the company has broadened its focus and entered the fight against coronavirus.

"Our COVID testing has gone up dramatically", said Drew Maloney the Chief Executive Officer of Capstone healthcare.    

LIVE MAP: Tracking coronavirus in Georgia

While the virus is spreading at a dangerous pace Capstone is using one of its platforms to test for active infections.

April 30, 2020 - Capstone Healthcare (FOX 5)

The coronavirus disease can be diagnosed using a test called polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

"Many of the results that we are getting for COVID-19, those same patients may also have the normal flu. So we're giving very specific diagnostic results," said Maloney.      

The lab technicians and scientists at Capstone Healthcare, who Maloney refers to as the unsung heroes in this pandemic, are also finding themselves on the frontlines of this COVID-19 battle, working 20 hours a day six days a week, risking their lives to provide rapid results.      

"Lab folks are like any other American, very prideful and proud of what they do they," Maloney said. "They work extremely hard, they believe in what they do and they're here to serve. It's pretty amazing."

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