Sandy Springs K9 hurt on the job

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Credit: Sandy Springs Police Department

For the second  time in less than a month, a Sandy Springs K9 has been injured on the job.

Early Tuesday morning officers were called to investigate a suspicious man in the backyard of a home. The man was located a short distance from the home, wielding a metal pipe and threatening harm to the officers. Sandy Springs Officer K9 Rock took charge and apprehended the man before he was able to hurt the officers.

According to the Sandy Springs Police Department Facebook page, “This situation could have ended much worse, but due to the bravery of K9 Rock, it did not. K9 Rock received an injury to the shoulder, was treated, and sent home to rest.”

The suspect was also treated for his injuries, and then taken to jail on multiple felony charges, including causing harm to K9 Rock.

In April, K9 Rock was assaulted while he and his handler were attempting to take a suspect into custody. The suspect hit K9 Rock several times in the face with brass knuckles. K9 Rock received stitches and recovered. The suspect was charged with multiple felonies, including intentionally causing injury to a police dog.