Sandtown Middle School students taught the dangers of drugs

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The Fulton County middle school where almost 30 students were hospitalized after eating marijuana-laced edibles had a real talk about drugs on Wednesday.

Sandtown Middle School students listened to a seminar on Wednesday from Fulton County youth commissioners Joshua Lerner and Janelle Hartwell.

The 11th graders go from school-to-school talking to teens about the reality of drug use. Students see the effects drugs have on the body and what it is like to be high.

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Certified Drug Abuse prevention trainer Reginald Crossley said the music industry and rap culture glamorizes drug use.

“These hard drugs are being promoted in music, in the media and pitched as something that is okay, but realistically, even some of the people who promote this type of lifestyle don’t engage in it themselves,” Crossley said.

Crosslet said through the peer to peer model, edibles or any drug are not seen as innocent or casual.

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