Sandra Deal gets head shaved as she battles breast cancer

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The First Lady of Georgia shared some brave before and after pictures on Twitter Friday morning as she battles breast cancer. 

"Because chemo causes hair loss, I took the next step in my journey by visiting the beauty shop," Sandra Deal said, sharing several powerful images after having her head shaved. "Despite a problem, there's a solution! Tried and true by many women!"

Gov. Nathan Deal's office announced last month that the first lady had been diagnosed with stage one breast cancer during an annual mammogram, and she had surgery to remove a tumor. The governor's office said the tumor was removed successfully, and she would undergo chemotherapy treatment in the coming weeks.

"Since I caught it in its early stages, I am confident that the chemotherapy will yield successful results," Sandra Deal said in a statement last month.

The 75-year-old first lady encouraged all women to be proactive about their health and get an annual mammogram.

Sandra Deal has been married to the governor for more than 50 years. They have four children and six grandchildren.The first lady, a former schoolteacher, has used her time in the governor's mansion to champion education and literacy causes. Since her husband took office, she has read to children in schools and pre-kindergarten programs in all of Georgia's 159 counties, according to the governor's office.