Royal Wedding-themed bar opens in D.C.

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As the royal wedding approaches, some D.C. bar-goers are celebrating with a few special drinks.

A Washington pop-up bar has a British royal family theme going in honor of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's May 19 wedding.

The bar, called the Royal Wedding Pub, is all about the nuptials.

And the line to get in goes around the block!

People are welcomed to rock their best hats, and crowns, as they pose for pictures with cut-outs of the Royals and sip on specialized cocktails.

"It's history in the making and I think she's going to change the history of the Royals a little bit," visitor Jamie Bailey said. "Yeah, it's just fun. All of it is positive and happy. We need that right now."

And by keeping in touch with us common folk, the Royals have invited 2,640 members of the public for their big day.