Roswell woman and police help connect lost man to his family

A Roswell woman and an officer with the Roswell Police Department were able to help a lost and confused man find his family on Sunday. 

Mary Alissa Cook said she noticed a man sitting in her neighborhood of off State Route 92 in Roswell Sunday afternoon. 

Cook and her daughter were walking to the lake in their neighborhood to kayak. 

“He was just sitting on the steps nearby. Minding his own business," Cook said. 

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Cook said she walked by again a little while later and decided to ask if he needed help.

“I asked him, 'Are you waiting on somebody? Is there something I can do? Can I help you?' He said, 'No, I’m waiting on somebody." 

Cook said she grew concerned when she saw the man still sitting there later in the day. She asked him again if she could help him in any way. 

“He was a little bit confused about where he was and didn’t know if he was waiting on someone or if he wanted to call someone. He didn’t have a cell phone," Cooke said "The real concern came in when he said he couldn’t find his car. He thought he has driven here and maybe it was stolen. At that point I said I’m going to get you some help.”

Cook called the Roswell Police Department for help and in the meantime, learned the man, Albert Metcalf was from Columbus, Georgia. 

“I said can’t get you there but I can definitely get you some help," Cook said. 

Police were able to contact his wife in Columbus. According to Roswell police,  paramedics took him to a nearby hospital for a medical condition

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Cook said she's thankful for the caring officer who helped Metcalf reconnect with his family.

She said this is a reminder that it doesn’t take much to help those around us.

“Just a simple, are you ok? Can open up the door to help somebody out if they need it,” Cook said.