Rockdale County deputies praised for helping man experiencing overdose

(Rockdale County Sheriff's Office)

Two Rockdale County deputies are being praised for their quick work helping a man experiencing a dangerous overdose.

At around 6:30 p.m. on July 26, Rockdale County deputies Peterson and Verdell were called to reports of a man down on the 800 block of Sherbrooke Drive.

At the scene, the deputies found a man lying on his back with a blue face. The deputies found that the man was breathing shallowly and had a weak pulse.

Deputy Verdell ran to his patrol vehicle to get his Narcan while Deputy Peterson began rubbing the man's sternum.

After the man showed no response to the first dose, Peterson grabbed his Narcan and administer a second.

By the time medics arrived at the scene and started moving the man, he was more alert.

EMTs rushed him to a local hospital, where it was confirmed he had experienced an overdose.

"We applaud Deputy Peterson and Deputy Verdell for their quick thinking and actions taken during this medical emergency," the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office said in a statement.